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Blue Phoenix - what's that ?

Like our clients we are not driven by profits alone. Like those we work with we are here to bring the artful to everyday life. We only work with the best product companies to provide high quality gifts and strive to bring back the values of organisation, levels of care and innovation that have become a rarity in recent years.

We manage product sales from start to finish. Contacting potential stockists, pitching to them and making every delivery required by them is all part of the Blue Phoenix service. Unlike many in our industry we are committed to building relationships with retailers that will represent your brand well and work closely with them to find new ways to connect with customers and build sales.

We value the creative overall and see our role as supporting artists. We manage stock, sales and customer services for our clients so they are free to concentrate on designing new products and the artistic direction of their business.

What's with the name:

A phoenix is a mythical beast that was said to catch fire when it died before being reborn from the ashes. This image reflects how we aim to bring new life and prosperity to the companies and the careers of individuals we work with.

The blue part of a flame is the hottest and so the Blue Phoneix symbolises how both us and our clients intend to stand out from competitors in the many markets we operate in. In other words, we are not just your standard phoenix!

Books and Authors

As well as our product distribution work we also provide agent representation to first time authors looking to have fiction work published. If you would like to be considered for representation please send a cover letter and the first three chapters of what you are working on to