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Hello Instagram person

I have hidden away this page in my website to give you some more info on what I'm up to and will update it constantly like a mad ferret so do check back.

Most of my time is devoted to my business Blue Phoenix where I sell gift & home products to retailers that I co-design with very talented artisits accross the globe. You can learn more about that by browsing the rest of this site.

I am also working on my first novel. It examines if we did not have the boundaries of distance would our lives be any easyer. Imagine you could be where every you wanted, visit who ever you wanted and travel any time for free. What would change in your life. This will be explored by focusing on a range of characters and how this changed their lives. I plan to publish this in 2017 with first snippets being released later this year.

Recently I have become a co-producer for the latest project by Selina Thompson who you can learn more about here

if you want to know more about my business life you can also find me on LinkedIn here

Many thanks, Bobby Temps